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You have probably visited this website because you saw an advertisement somewhere and you are looking for more information. This is the dot org site ( www realist movement org  )of the Realist Movement and is mainly concerned with the operation of the Off-Grid EcoFarm project in Wales, UK.

To make contact please call or text  07938 78 70 78  which is UK mobile phone.


The significance of an offgrid property is that less is taken for granted. Human perception of reality tends to fall asleep and after several generations of people who have never not known mains electrical power, the unreality within that perception is dangerous.


The EcoFarm comprises fields, traditional stone buildings, some woodland, on site springwater source and is in a rural location near Lampeter.

Currently the EcoFarm is in a poor state of repair; the idea was to teach training courses to guests, so that gradually, the side-effects of learning put the EcoFarm  into a state of good repair. 

Another idea is Glamping or 'glamour camping' where the facilities are basic but includes hot water and heated indoor facilities.

The Learning Holiday idea could be offered at a cost of, say £300, run for five days, Monday through to Friday. The purpose of would be to provide general information and training about living offgrid

The study would not be intended as deep study in the professional sense but meant to provide a broad view of matters that you would need to know about should the world become unprofessional and you have to do everything for yourself.. 

The learning holiday could cover the basic principles of 

Subjects could be dropped and other subjects can be added as requested. There is not enough time to cover all subjects in five days.


Electricity is used for power and information. Storage methods are covered which are generally in the form of d.c. direct current. Generation and communication is generally in the form of a.c. alternating current. Practical examples of wind turbine alternating current and diode rectifier can be studied. We can build an electronic circuit for example a crystal radio which will show you the basic idea of collecting transmitted energy from the air, oscillation and harmonics, capacitors, inductors, resistors, soldering, magnetism and conductivity. Please state if there are any areas of interest you may have.


Natural spring-water off-grid supply can be shown in operation to provide gravity feed hot and cold running water. Plumbing techniques are glanced over to include plastic, iron and copper systems. Pressure and control and density. Thermo-dynamics, how water moves related to density, temperature and gravity. Some knowledge is missing here so research into potability, water filtration and mineralogy may be undertaken.


This is studied in terms of space heating and water heating, safety, fuel supply and efficiency, fume flue basics. Ash disposal is also covered in terms of composting and soil nutrients; Fire can be considered as the primary tool of civilization; Not always used for the best.


Mainly cement and lime based mortars mixed with sand and sand based aggregates and how these can be proportioned to construct shelter. Wattle and daub types are not usually covered because they provide too little resistance to the elements but they can be built if you wish.


Simple glossary of tools, measurement, fixings and safety in regard to woodcraft and the use of off-cuts to burn to make hot water. Simple objects can be made.


The basics of fermentation are covered which include hygiene and the theory of hydrocarbon conversion through the yeast process to create alcohol. 


Insulation is important for heat and energy conservation. Various material types such as Polystyrene, Rock Wool, Celotext, Air, Sheeps Wool are considered in context with properties and cost.


Following simple rules used to be in the past a method to maintain good health; Now the task is not so simple because the radionuclides from uranium nuclear reactors now permeate the environment causing random death; These particles cannot be seen, heard, felt, smelled nor tasted. 


There is little light pollution at the EcoFarm so this allows the night sky to be seen more clearly than in city areas. It is difficult to describe to someone who has never seen it but the night sky really does take some looking at.


We all eat food and this subject is needed everyday. Tips are included how to avoid consuming toxic substances that are commonly now hidden within supermarket products and not labeled.This situation has occured because of intensive farming.  If you are coming to the EcoFarm for a visit, please state which foods you like or do not like. Many substances that people now eat are toxic hence not food so the reality is that the food on Planet Earth already has run out.


Practical information and example is given upon how to build a Compost Reactor; Commonly overlooked, soil depletion is the primary long-term, to date, consequence of civilization; Composting reactors manufacture fertile soil within which food can be grown, are very important and are to be recognized as a primary foundation to the Realist Movement. 


Security of supply, gas, oil, solar voltaics, wind, hydro-electricity plus novel discussions about Vril and alternative transport systems; It is fairly certain that the energy based industrial civilization of the past two hundred years is running short of energy so may need to change its ways; So it is not merely a question of where can more energy be sourced but for what purposes is the sourced energy being used; This causes a crossover from a technical to philosophical discussion which is currently absent.


This studies the real economic costs of various technologies and compares the benefits by using a math equation R O I or Return On Investment.. However the calculation is done in terms of root economic values as in the root of the word economy, OIKOS, meaning extended household where costs are rarely measured in money.  Early oil wells produced ninety barrels of oil for the cost of one  hence the cost benefit ratio was 90 / 1 =  plus ninety. Modern oil sources like tar oil sands provide much smaller returns. To be of any benefit at all, the ratio must be above one, more than one. Other technologies can be looked into. Does Nuclear Power actually make any energy at all ? How about Fracking? Realistic time values will be used to allow for Geological Time of 4 million years, not Democratic Time of  4 years.


There is a choice of simple accommodation from caravan to stone building with wood floors and sheet metal roof. Conditions are somewhat medieval. Layers of warm clothing are required in Winter.


The EcoFarm is in a western region of the United Kingdom, in Wales, 2 hours North from the M4 motorway. The nearest train service is 20 miles distant. A bus service comes within 6 miles to the nearest population center LAMPETER which hosts several supermarkets, a university, garages, health services and sports facilities. On occasion, lifts from central and Southern England can be arranged.


A general site plan for Permaculture is being investigated ; any comments are welcome.


Holiday rentals are not yet ready.  There are two or three apartments that can be let by arrangement however some work participation with general objectives would be helpful.


Digital sound recording equipment does not use much electricity and is reasonably priced nowadays and there is an audio rig wired on site into the renewable energy system. This comprises microphones, pre-amplifiers, mixer, piano synthesizer keyboards and other MIDI equipment


There are plans to produce television media programmes to be sold for broadcast. Some mock sets have been built for


To make contact please call or text  07938 78 70 78  which is UK mobile phone.